Thursday, January 30, 2003

France and Germany are giving Europe a bad name. Eight European countries actually support the US and it's stance on Iraq.

The leaders of Britain, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic said the United Nations must force Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to give up weapons of mass destruction, and warned that the credibility of the United Nations was on the line.

Even a large chunk of Europe is starting to get on the back of the UN. I choose to view this as a good thing.

This is what it's like when shit hits the fan.

Some people are dumb.

Democrats make me sick UPDATE

I didn't watch their stupid ad on tv last night. Should I have?

AN article written by Ron Marr and posted on John Hawkins' site is, I think, worth a read.

For us Australians, however, expand every mention of "Democrats" to read "Greens, Labor and Democrats".

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The Australian Democrats really make me sick

THE Australian Democrats have launched an anti-war television ad to be screened in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong tonight urging Australians to tell Prime Minster John Howard that they do not want war.

I am absolutely disgusted to the point of sickness that a protest party (I'd hardly call them "political" at the moment) could be so damn blind and ignorant. Clearly there is no member at all from the Democrats who have done their reading on Saddam Hussein. I suggest they actually read the dossier that the UK government published in September last year about Saddam Hussein. Furthermore, I strongly suggest they read this amazing essay by Bill Whittle.

This is about as hypocritical as any party can get. The Democrats would love to have all potentially dangerous weapons out of Australian streets, and yet they are opposed to a military operation which will disarm and obliterate one of the most maniacal and ruthless dictators of our time who will stop at nothing to see the US and it's allies' landscapes totally flattened?

Fuck the Democrats.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I'm getting a bit sick of only writing about the impending war in Iraq because everybody else is also writing about it. Having said that, I can't urge everybody enough to read this. Then print a copy and show it to people. It's fairly long, but well worth it!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Forget about Iraq...

There was yet another display of unforgivable ignorance today on the Triple J Morning Show, in a talkback segment where they were discussing the war. Some woman rang in and had the blinding stupidity to suggest that the US attacking Iraq was on the same grounds as the US attacking New Zealand! Of course, we all know how NZ has an appalling human rights record, along with a murderous dictatorship. Hell, New Zealand also has weapons of mass destruction! Lots of 'em! I bet they encourage terrorism against the west too, the bastards.

Forget Iraq, lets go attack New Zealand!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

For the people opposing the war

Read this. I know it's a few days old, but hey. It's in regards to the huge anti-war protests in America and also around the globe that took place the other day.

Protest against this, why don't ya!

On the Israeli IDF website, this article was posted. It contains a translation of an article that endorses "annihilation of the United States" with nuclear and biological weapons. Who said the War on Terror was over?

Due to Blogger troubles last night, I couldn't post what I'd written. I'll post it when I get home later on this evening.... I think I saved it...

Tuesday, January 21, 2003


I've finally come across an article that demonstrates that there is some form of intelligence amongst the Australian Labor Party. The writer of the article is Jim Nolan, who is an industrial relations barrister. He has been a member of the ALP since 1968.

From the West's intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo to rescue European Muslims from ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Stalinist fascists to the liberation of East Timor from the Indonesian military rulers, the Australian Left has supported the great humanitarian interventions in recent years. The lesson? That a blanket principle of non-intervention cannot rationally be sustained.

If this seemingly passionate supporter of the left can see the light, why can't Crean or his loyal anti-war, anti-American minions?

I'm back

Due to me not having enough drive to rant and rave yesterday, the blogging will recommence as of now. The weekend in Sydney left me too tired to even think properly on Monday, and that is a sure-fire sign of a good weekend, is it not?

Thursday, January 16, 2003

I'm going to Sydney tomorrow morning. I won't be back until Sunday evening. Blogging will probably re-commence on Monday, January 20th.

More oil talk... *groan*

I know it's old news, but I must say that the anti-SUV campaign launched in America last week that equates SUV owners (or what we'd call 4WD owners here), with terrorists is, I feel, a complete joke. Not only is the woman behind the campaign a hypocrite, she evidently doesn't have both feet on the ground. The concept of putting a 4WD owner in the same league as a terrorist is profoundly absurd. Apparently the ad is just playing off an anti-drug ad or similar nature which has aired in a small part of America, and thus is intended to have a funny side, although I'm not very sure at all on the credibility of the source. This is an example of the idiocy that's so prevalent in the mainstream media...

"Poor bipolar oil. Use it for something "creative" – television ads, newspaper manufacture and distribution, flights to Europe – and nobody minds. Use it to drive the twins to soccer practice and you're a terrorist. Oil could do with an image makeover, starting with a change of name. Call it happy progress juice or equity fluid or yoghurt and everybody would relax."
(as written by Tim Blair, seen in his opinion column in the Jan. 13 edition of The Australian)

I also find it quite unnerving when an article on the Adbusters site refers to Arianna Huffington (the dope behind the ads) as a "conservative columnist" when it's actually the passionate left-wingers that support her the most!

Oh well.

Killin' and grillin'...

When a news article carries a headline like this, you'd want to prepare yourself for the worst:

Man allegedly barbecues on grave

Yep, here's another story about another twisted murder, this time in Western Australia.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Celebrities say the darndest things!

We've all heard and are at least vaguely familiar with the humanitarian work that big stars like U2's Bono would do, and the similar, but unsurprisingly second-rate rip-off work that Sean Penn does. On top of that, we have Woody Harrelson who thought it would be a good idea that, if he was elected president of the US, he would cut the defense budget in the middle of a war, so his country would get blown to pieces (truly an inspiration to us all). Let's not forget the fudged numbers and outright hypocrisy of one Michael Moore and, well, you get the idea. These are all famous identities that take it upon themselves to dictate that because they are famous, they know what's best for the world.

Rachel Lucas has pointed out that Sheryl Crow, an activist for recording artist's rights (an issue we all hold close to our hearts, I'm sure), has jumped onto the bandwagon and is now welcome to join the list of celebrities who have said the darndest things! Get a load of this:

"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."

Now whether you agree with war or not, you have to have something severely wrong with your mental capacity unit (often referred to as your brain), to find no stupidity in that statement. I was going to write a large explanation on why I don't feel this war to be based on greed, so if you want that explanation you'll have to email me. Anyway, the stupidest part of my newest best friend Sheryl's pearl of wisdom is "The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies." I am going to quote Winston Churchill again on this matter, as he sums up my views perfectly when he said "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." I really don't think I need to say more.

EDIT: I should do the right thing and show you where I saw the news article that contained Sheryl's wonderful words of wisdom.


Tuesday, January 14, 2003

In a shocking and somewhat unexpected circumstance, a group of anti-everything protestors have claimed that "civil disobedience seems to be a necessary step in the campaign to ensure that the wishes of the community are respected.” I sure didn't see this coming (note sarcasm).

“We have exhausted all the ‘appropriate’ bureaucratic channels but have not received a satisfactory response form any level of government or their departments. At this stage civil disobedience seems to be a necessary step in the campaign to ensure that the wishes of the community are respected.”

It's all well and good to stand up for something that you believe in, but realistically, if you were to stand up for your beliefs and were level-headed enough to do it convincingly, you'd think that the community would have been able to speak out enough on your behalf to actually get something done? In my opinion, getting something done by some administrative figures (read: a higher level of government) doesn't exactly entail dressing up in tie-dye clothing and skipping university lectures that would probably actually do them more good than harm. I had to make this generalisation because the wonderful folks at Brisbane Indymedia decided it would be best if they didn't include any photos of the protestors in action. What a pity.

I'm still waiting for members of lefty activist groups to put up a convincing argument, rather than constantly complain about them being the real victims. The annoying thing is, they'll keep whinging until somebody comes along and does what they want, if only to shut them up for five minutes.


Monday, January 13, 2003

Okay, so I lied when I said I was signing off for the evening... What are you gonna do about it? Everyone has left me alone since my last post and although I know I should be catching up on some lost sleep, I was compelled (don't ask me how) to take a wild venture into the lefty world of Adbusters.

I haven't seen something this ridiculous in quite a while. Honestly. I know that the general population of the Adbusters community (I'm guessing about 20 or so blindly devoted leftists) are against any corporation (rich, greedy pigs), advertising (brainwashing) and pretty much everything to do with what they like to call "over consumption" (the purchasing of luxury items), but I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for this poor Mexican kid, when he admitted that he and his friend had the audacity to grab a quick bite to eat at Burger King!

...i have resisted but today i dont know what happened but my friend convinced me to go to burgerking,i was starving and i didnt realize what i was doing but finally i was there eating a burger,the point is,of course im sorry...

I cannot see any credibility whatsoever in a community that thinks they're doing a good thing by making some poor kid feel so guilty about grabbing a cheap bite to eat while he's in a real hurry! Some people never cease to amaze me.

Okay, I mean it when I'm signing off for the evening now,

Ahhh the wonders of being 18. You're at the high-end of the teenager front, and just as you think you're becoming immune to the troubles and hardships that have been put in front of you oh so many times during the course of your teenage years (mainly regarding the opposite sex), friends with guy or girl problems decide to come and dump all their miseries, uneasyness and general thoughts of "why doesn't he/she like me!" right onto your proverbial front porch.

Throughout the course of this evening, I was trying to do some political reading and research, as well as finding a few other bloggers out there who hold similar viewpoints to mine while attempting to enjoy the soothing feeling that overcomes my body whenever I have some nice cold Italian beer. At any rate, I was trying to avoid having to play counsellor for once. Of course, it was not to be. I did read a lot of interesting blogs and whatnot, and the length of my Favourites in Internet Explorer have been extended, but I was having to play counsellor tonight, and continuing to do so as I type this. So much for another attempt at me writing a thought-provoking and ultimately satisfying update. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

It gives me more time to read up on stuff that I find potentially interesting. :)

Signing off for the evening,

It's so easy to get bored in an office where it's just a slow day where there's hardly any inquiries about anything. No complaints either, which is always a good thing. However the strange thing is that it's a Monday, and usually they're fairly busy days. I suppose I can't complain though, many workers would like a quiet Monday. I know I do anyway.

I was listening to Triple J before while The Morning Show was on. For those who are fairly unfamiliar with the layout of the program, it seems more and more to me like it's just a soapbox that members of any given minority group can stand up and call foul because they're hard done by. This isn't always the case, of course, and quite often I find myself being entertained by this program, but every time I listen to the program, there always seems to be at least one segment where there is some old know-it-all imparting these fabulously researched pearls of wisdom about some incredibly significant square metre of dead scrub on the western outskirts of the Simpson Desert. Of course, this is completely relevant to modern culture and the real issues of what's actually happening in the world. Either that or it's some performance artist complaining that he's the victim of some invisible struggle against every single member of the corporate community. This is youth culture programming. I'm a member of the demographic that it's aimed at, and as I've already pointed out, I do find it somewhat interesting, but ultimately it's not opening my eyes to anything important, rather than adding to the contempt I hold for those whose only objective in life is to make others feel sorry for them. Having said all that, the program's sole intention is to give the listener a better understanding of what's happening in their country, and it's doing a great job with that.

So basically I'm a bit divided on where I stand in regards to youth culture programming.

I've got a bit on my mind today, so don't be at all surprised if I write a bit more later on. :)

Signing off for now,

Sunday, January 12, 2003

What a lazy night to end another lazy Sunday. Home-made hamburgers for dinner and a beer while sifting through my email and instant message conversations. It's kind of like fine poetry, but less intellectual. I can deal with that. Weekends aren't to be spent thinking about your woes and worries (generally speaking). They're to be relished for what they're worth!

I was going to write a sizable rant regarding a number of things that are going through my head at the moment, but after I got into the second paragraph, the engine started to cough and splutter and the coherency level went straight through the floor. So I think I'll just satisfy a friend of mine who dared me to write stuff about her having a shower.... while she's having the shower. Again, the story that I came up with was pointless, but unlike the first rant, this one contained no remote traces of any coherency. Damn. Although I can remember something about a rubber duckie. That's all.

With that, I think I'll call it a night. :)

Signing off,
A very tired Marty

"Blog" is such an odd term. I must admit that I've only come across it quite recently. It's also, apart from being odd, a fairly confusing term. If I'd read the word without any clue to it being a form of internet-based ranting, I probably would have suspected a blog to be something your domesticated pet would have you discover on the living room floor during the only period of the day that you aren't wearing shoes or slippers. At any rate, as soon as I discovered the true meaning of the illustrious word, I became immediately interested, as ranting in a constant and occasionally even semi-coherent fashion is one of the more enjoyable past-times for me.

One of the good things about living in a small town like me (well, I think it's small anyway), is that it's so easy to know everybody and to have many friends as a result. But when you think about it, you could live in a town twice the size of your current small town (for example, you live in a town of 20,000 residents like me, and then move to a town about twice the size, which is 40,000 residents), and know as many good, decent people that you'd consider your friends, but only know half the town. That means, if going by the theory that there is a certain amount of people worthy of your friendship per 20,000 residents, there is enough scope for you to have double the amount of friends if you get your face out in the public a bit more. So what would it be like if you lived in a big city that had about 200 times the amount of people in your current small town? To continue the example, lets say 200 x 20,000 which is 4 million people. That means you, if the theory is anything to go by, should have 200 times the amount of friends that you have now. How mind-boggling!!

To insert a heavily personal opinion here, if anybody threw that theory in front of me and expected me to take it seriously, I wouldn't know whether to fall over and laugh or push them into the conviniently-placed mud and steal their wallet. There are so many people that I know that put far too much faith into theories that are about as ridiculous as the one above. The anti-corporate and the real arty types are, from my experience, the ones who mainly seem to be realistically-challenged. People who oppose virtually everything that moves the world forward, and come up with high-in-the-sky theories about how wonderful it would be if we abolished money and made it illegal to employ more than about 10 or 15 people in your business. The reason being that the people who run the show could then gain a tendancy to become rich and greedy because the company is raking in huge profits, and not paying the janitor a wage comparable to that of the marketing director. To quote one Winston Churchill, "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

I may or may not write some more later on today. :)

Signing off,

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Where to start... I suppose a bit about myself would be handy. I'm 18 years old, male, and currently residing in an insignificant town of about 20,000 people on the east coast of New South Wales in Australia. However, very soon I'll be residing in south-east Queensland. Whether it's Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I'm not 100% sure, but it's looking more and more like I'll be moving to Brisbane.

Anyway, don't be surprised if my rants take on a strong political flavour. Politically, I imagine I'd be in the centre-right area, and there's no doubt that you'll soon find out that I don't have much time at all for the real lefty's amongst us, but I will quite willingly listen to their opinions in the interest of keeping an open mind and holding a broad spectrum of different opinions on a variety of issues. Then I'll declare their arguments to be crap and idealistic and go on to rant about why I've made that declaration. Heh. :)

I'm not too sure how to work this site just yet as I've only signed up about 10 minutes ago, but pretty soon I'll figure it out. :)

Signing off,