Monday, April 28, 2003

I haven't needlessly politicised something for a while. So I'll just say that I'm certainly not the only person that hates Michael Moore. I should have him meet a friend of mine!

I'm still not hot enough. When I told you to "be serious or else I'll hunt you down and kill you", you should have realised that I meant "give me a vote that's higher than 7 or else I'll hunt you down and kill you". It looks like some people are going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!

I'm no closer to having fixed my stats. I think the whole stats account may be broken as a result of me screwing up the code (which is kind of surprising considering I didn't actually alter any bloody code). I'll fix it when I get sufficiently bored I suppose. I'm too tired to be that bored at the moment, however.

Everyone has to let me know whether I'm hot or not. Be serious, or else I'll hunt you down and kill you!

Now I must sleep.

And now my stats aren't showing! Ack!! However maybe that's a good thing, because I've never really felt the urge to brag about them....

Changed the name of the blog from "Marty's Rants" to "Martin Kidd" because I don't really rant that much, and Martin Kidd is my name. It all makes sense! Wow!

EDIT: ....... Despite the fact that the changes don't seem to be taking place. Argh. I'm tired! That's what it is! I'll fix it some other time if it doesn't fix itself before then.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

We can't even attend the baseball* without some kind of grave injustice to animals (despite the fact that they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). It's so sad.

Speaking of cruelty to animals in the name of sick, twisted humour, I wonder if PETA has anything to say about a Bonsai Kitten?

*link found via Tim Blair.

It's old news, but for those who don't know, there are some truly inspirational products being sold over the internet. Take the Origami Boulder for example. Truly a masterpiece of traditional Japanese art. It even comes with a catchy haiku:

Buy wadded paper
from very famous artist
and then you like it

You know you want it.

I'm back. Again.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Apologies for the extreme lack of blogging in the last week. I took an impromptu holiday and I got back today. Worthy of note was the fact that when I re-entered Queensland, there was a big sign reading "drought area - please conserve water". I viewed it through a rain-soaked windscreen. HAHAHA!!!!!

... What I meant to say is that I'm back...

Friday, April 04, 2003

Kim Jong-il has started blogging. Maybe this explains why we haven't heard much from him in the real world lately?

Those who haven't checked out Frank J's latest "In My World" story at his website are advised to do so.

[Bush:] "So are we all set on our main goal: getting that oil?"

"Actually, the purpose of the war is to rid Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction and liberate the Iraqi people," Powell corrected him.

"You’re just falling for the protesters’ propaganda," Bush answered, "They're trying to convince everyone that this war is about liberating Iraqis and destroying WMD's even though we keep telling them it's about getting oil."

"You got that backwards," Powell asserted.

Bush looked confused. "We're giving them oil?"

Also, despite the fact that it was an April Fools joke, Frank proved that left-wing or right-wing, he's damn funny either way.

"...it doesn't matter how ingenious you reporters all are, you can't stop our war now that it's started."

"But I can!" shouted a voice from the rear as the doors to the room burst open. In strode a hulk of a man, his clothing barely concealing his rippling muscles.

"Oh, it's Michael Moore!" swooned a female reporter, "The protector of truth and justice in this world... and I can't help but remark how great his hygiene is!"


As per usual, Rachel Lucas has hit the nail on the head.