Sunday, August 31, 2003

Check it out! 

A few of you out there would look at this and say "Marty, that's probably something you shouldn't be showing off," but I'd only reply with "you're you and I'm me, okay?"

So yeah. Anyway, I took a quiz as a bit of fun, and I fit a Republican as a political stereotype:

Republican - You believe that the free market will
take care of most things, but that the
government should be there with moderate
taxation to provide for national defense and
enforcing morality. Your historical role model
is Ronald Reagan.

Which political sterotype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Heh heh heh.

Tee Hee 

I'm now an officially recognised enemy of Indymedia. Life is sweet. I have a cool banner on the side to prove it!

Credit goes to Michele of A Small Victory

Evil Schmevil 

We all know that the WTO is an evil organisation that promotes economic hegemony, corporate greed, and wars. Now to make matters worse, they're selling drugs to less fortunate countries:

THE World Trade Organisation on Saturday approved a deal to ensure poor countries have access to cheap drugs...


... to fight killer diseases, resolving a long-standing dispute, a WTO spokesman said.


The deal is designed to allow poor countries which do not have their own pharmaceutical industries to import cheaper 'generic' copies of patented medicines to fight epidemics of diseases such as AIDS and malaria.

What happened to the WTO promoting corporate greed and hampering the progress of less developed countries? They're not allowed to do good for countries! They're supposed to be evil!

Wait, I suppose this move would be evil to all the anti-WTO types because they're importing cheap shit to these developing nations, rather than good ol' large corporate drugs that work. There's just no pleasing some people.

MY say... 

Queensland's population is looking to surge from 3.6 million to 5.3 million by 2026. They don't know what they'll do about roads and stuff:

New roads, highways and city by-passes designed to assist in transportation needs are essential as our cities expand. But traffic congestion is expected to get worse before it gets better, with public transport trips still relatively low and a high dependence on private cars.

Hmm. Maybe they should first look at how Sydney and Melbourne have gone about dealing with congestion as they've grown. Of course, as Mr. Beattie would have you believe - Queensland is too cool to follow examples from other states, yo.


Queensland year 12 students are contemplating suicide over the pressure of final exams. Drugs also feature prominently, but I'm guessing that a lot of year 12 students would have been into them already, and are just looking for half-viable excuses to cover themselves if their habits were found out. Anyway, I digress:

Experts, who labelled the exam regime a "system of fear", say some students are suffering from anxiety and depression, and failing to fulfil their potential because of the pressure.

What the fuck?! Back in my day (same time last year), students didn't wimp out like this! We were built tough in those days. Anyway, don't we all have to learn how to perform under pressure at some stage in our lives? Giving Johnny an A in his Biology final because "he was bullied into failing" by the evil "system of fear" is a bit stupid, is it not? How dare the state education departments actually want to find out, via a series of block exams, that the students they administer are actually learning something!

Now I'm not arguing that the pressure isn't on for these kids, but come on. I completed my HSC in New South Wales last year and yes, it was hard. But it was one of those things you had to do. It's been happening to these kids all their lives; if they undertake a course at school, they'll get tested on it at the end. It's the way it works. Wimps!

If they all manage to not kill themselves over these exams, they'll realise they weren't really worth much in the big picture anyway - especially if they get into tertiary study.

Will the tertiary institutions ease up on them because of the pressure when first-semester exam time rolls around? No.



Internet access and Sunday morning time to blog. Although, ideally, I'd be out on the balcony with the Sunday papers just after a big fat-filled traditional English breakfast.

I is doing this for da peoples, yo.

Friday, August 29, 2003


I was an idiot before and said I was leaving for my holiday alternate study location today.

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow. In case you didn't notice.

As I said before, however, I'm not too sure how that will affect posting. I'm pretty sure that if posting occurs at all, it will be irregular. At any rate, I'll be back on Sunday, September 7th.


Remember those rotten, stinking gang rapists in Sydney? They're representing themselves in their trial:

Two brothers accused of gang raping teenaged girls remain determined to represent themselves at trial but a row has erupted over legislation that could prevent them cross-examining their alleged victims.

Nor should they. Besides, how can you justify a gang raping?

The pair, their two younger brothers and a friend have been charged with sexually assaulting or gang raping two girls, aged under 18, in Sydney's west between January and July last year.

The accused, all aged between 16 and 23, cannot be named because two were aged under 18 at the time of the alleged attacks.

That's just insane. How the hell can people get so fucked up to do that?! They should be burnt at the stake, or something. Still, I have little faith in the NSW court system. It's weird, you'll cop a $550 fine and half your licence for being caught 30km/h over the speed limit, yet these guys (the over 18's anyway) will probably get off with something as little as a six month suspended sentence and precious little rehabilitation. Maybe they'll get off with a tiny suspended sentence and 100 hours community service. I can hear the bleeding-heart calls now: "Oh, they were just young and naive! They'll never do it again! They've learned their lesson!"

I don't mind if they get a small jail sentence - although detaching them from society may still be beneficial. However given the little public faith in imprisonment, if they serve minimal time (a year at least) along with something like 5 years rehab, then another few years good behaviour, I'll be happy.

No, wait, scratch that. I think we should kill da fuckers. I'm sick of deranged lunatics getting off lightly.

For the guys... 

Okay, I'm after reader opinions here.

Is Britney kissing Madonna:

A) Awesome;
B) Stupid;
C) Disgusting;
D) Dag, yo.

It'd be great if comments worked, but email should be fine.

For Interest's Sake 

We all like to watch humans go about their activities in their natural habitat (Big Brother et al), but have you ever wanted to watch birds from the comfort of your office chair (or whatever you're sitting in right now)? Sure you have...

Anyway, meet Frodo, Brisbane's newest most asskickingest pet falcon!

Oh Dear... 

It's hard to determine what's more unfortunate in this story; the end result or the guy's name:

Saut Chin, 46, was fed up with physical abuse from her husband when she grabbed his testicles until he passed out in the incident Tuesday, the Rasmei Kampuchea (Light of Cambodia) newspaper reported.

Fearing that her husband, Ouch Yan, 52, might regain consciousness and start beating her again, Saut Chin tied his neck with a scarf to a bed, the newspaper said.


Damn Comments 

The comments are still down, and for the best part, just screwing up entirely. Actually, the entire website of the comments provider, Reblogger, is down. Hmm. I suppose you get what you pay for; and I'm not paying much for this at all.

When I have time, I might switch to another free provider of comments. Who knows!

Thursday, August 28, 2003


As some of you may know (or may not care; whatever), I have a very deep hatred for Labor frontbencher and shadow treasurer, Mark Latham. I consider him to be just as, if not more fuckwitted than Paul Keating. Fuckwitted in the sense that they're complete head-kickers - if you dare to disagree with anything they say, you're a moronic sack of crap who is too miserable an excuse to be human. Anyway, I spewed when I read this mainly because it's (subtly) making Latham out to be a hard-charger against the evil federal government. There's something I don't trust about anything Laurie Oakes says or writes - he's furiously pro-Labor (although is often subtle enough to make you think otherwise at times), and anybody that loves Mark Latham as much as Oakes does has to be a moron.

Opinion time is over!

Fire and Water 

I really think it'd be cool to see Riverfire in Brisbane this coming Saturday night:

Creative director of the event, John Aitken, said five tonnes of explosives would be fired from four river barges, eight city rooftops, three inner-city bridges and four CityCats.

Sigh. I shouldn't plan on going away so hastily next time.

I guess I'll have to make it up to myself by attending the new years celebrations at Sydney Harbour.


Brisbane's Story Bridge

Apparently people are going to be able to legally jump off it. Or something. I don't know, I kind of stopped paying attention to the article after I read that the Brisbane City Council were trying to come up with new and exciting ways to promote tourism in Brisbane.

Maybe they should have CityCat races down the river!

Bush = Evil? 

There's at least one Iraqi family who is grateful for what Bush has done to Iraq. Or should I say "in" Iraq? Depends on your perspective, really. Anyway, I'm sure Bush would be flattered to know this:

A BAGHDAD mother and father, to show their thanks to US President George W. Bush for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, have named their son after the American leader.


Baby Bush, born July 11, carries the full name George Bush Abdul Kader Faris Abed El-Hussein. He weighed 3.5 kilograms (7 pounds 11 1/2 ounces) at birth.

Two older brothers are named - more traditionally - Omar and Ali.

So much for the "Bush is killing all the Iraqi children!" argument...

Bloody Comments 

Strange how I urged everybody to post comments and they appear to have been not working at all today. Well, they're not working for me. Stupid comments. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about it either - they're run on a seperate server to the rest of this blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Firstly and probably most importantly, I'm drowning in work I have to do, so no blogging today or tonight unless I finish it by an acceptable hour. Which I doubt. So I'll probably be back to post some more tomorrow.

Secondly, I'm going away for just over a week as of Friday (you know, the day after tomorrow). I may gain access to the internet to be able to post some stuff here while I'm gone. If I do, it'll be minimal. It's probably best if you don't count on anything; that way you don't get disappointed!

By the way, all visitors are allowed to post comments... They're there for a reason. Post whatever nonsense you want in the comments to this! DO IT!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Why Didn't I Think of This... 

Money is corrupting us!

THE Minnesota federal government sued a former beauty queen, claiming she fraudulently collected more than $US190,000 ($295,000) in disability benefits, even while she was competing in pageants.

I think I'd have to become a beauty queen first, something which I wouldn't be too successful in, unfortunately... I might be able to claim mental disability though.

Idiot Watch: August 26th 

At irregular intervals, I'm going to do an Idiot Watch™ sort of thing. Well, that's the plan anyway.

I'm worried that it'll end up with me bagging out idiot organisations like Adbusters, but they're a pack of idiots, so why not. Here goes...

It's a question on seemingly everybody's lips (or perhaps just the lips of the self-proclaimed People That Matter™) - is America becoming fascist? A lot of people, including people I know and respect tremendously, would say "yes" in the blink of an eye. But let's just look a little closer at the situation, at the expense of this stupid Adbusters article.

Is America becoming fascist? Since mainstream media refuse to seriously ask this question, the analysis of where we are heading and what has gone wrong has been mostly off-base.

So, just because no mainstream media openly discusses the matter of American fascism, it's automatically implied that the American government has a secret agenda for explicit global domination? Weird. I guess the backup for the "AMERICA IS FASCIST SCUM" argument is yet to come...

Investigation of the kinds of underhanded, criminal tactics fascist regimes undertake to legitimize their agenda and accelerate the rate of change in their favor is dismissed as indulging in “conspiracy theory.” If the f-word is uttered, observers are quick to note the obvious dissimilarities with previous variants of fascism. American writers dare not speak the truth.

Well, in most cases it is conspiracy theory. George Bush is immediately responsible for the big power outage recently, because the government wanted to get an idea of how the masses would react if a nuclear bomb hit a city, knocking the essential services around over a large portion of the country? That is a voice of reason? Moreover, if fascism is a political term, it means there are some set criteria for a government to be fascist. So if dissimilarities with previous variants of fascism are pointed out, America is still fascist because, it seems, "THE INFORMED INDEPENDENT LIBERAL MEDIA SAYS SO" ? Talk about mindless elitism.

The blinkered assertion that we are immune to the fascist virus ignores degrees of convergence and distinction based on the individual patient’s history. The New York Times and other liberal voices have been obsessed in recent years with the rise of minority fascist parties in the Netherlands, France and other European countries. They have questioned the tastefulness of new books and films about Hitler, and again demonized the icons of Nazism...

So, by this logic, America is becoming fascist because even the mainstream liberal media haven't talked about (and subsequently denounced) America's evil fascist intentions? Sure, America and it's citizens aren't immune to the rise of fascism - I don't think anybody will deny it - but it won't happen with the current government. It's not entirely helpful for your argument if you're basing it around what hasn't been said or talked about, instead of basing it around what has been said and talked about...

...Max Frankel, former editor of the Times, quotes from biographer Joachim Fest in his review of Speer:

The Final Verdict: “how easily, given appropriate conditions, people will allow themselves to be mobilized into violence, abandoning the humanitarian traditions they have built up over centuries to protect themselves from each other.” Is Frankel hinting at his anxiety about the primal being that has arisen in America? The pace of events in the last two years has been almost as blindingly fast as it was after Hitler’s consolidation of fascist power in 1933. Speed stuns and silences.

Mere speculation, along with what I've already made mention of, still doesn't make a convincing argument. It really helps you sound like a looney, however...

To pose the question doesn’t mean that American fascism is a completed project; at any point, anything can happen to shift the course of history in a different direction. Yet after repeated and open corruption of the normal electoral process, several declarations of global war, adventurous and unprecedented military doctrines, selective suspension of the Bill of Rights and clear signals that a declaration of emergency is on the horizon, surely it is time to analyze the situation differently.

Oh, right, here comes the evidence. Well, if you'd call that "evidence". I don't really consider it evidence of emerging fascism if there's no relevant information to back up this obviously slanted viewpoint. Call me cynical, but I fast-forwarded to the end of the article and saw this guy's email address that ended in "harvard.edu", so I'm assuming he'd know a little bit about presenting an argument...

There is a lot of "some guy said this and that about fascism" for a few paragraphs, making me feel rather murderous, but I'll continue...

All 14 characteristics of Eco’s matrix of ur-fascism apply to America to some degree.
(1) the cult of tradition;

DEAR GOD! Don't tell me some Americans actually have a family history or anything!!

(2) the rejection of modernism;

Yeah, stupid dweebs. They should get electricity, then invent computers, then go through the digital information revolution like the rest of the world. Or are you just talking about modern art? You know, the "CORPORATIONS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!" kind of art? No wonder it's rejected...

(3) the cult of action for action’s sake;

CULT?!? A direct reference to the Iraq war, I'm sure. I find it kind of ironic that those who preach "freedom for all" were so passionately trying to stop a military operation, if nothing else, to free people who nobody seemed to dispute the fact they were brutally oppressed. "Action for actions sake" my ass. It's pretty hard to believe that so many people fail to see pragmatically what America has done by ridding Saddam Hussein, simply because they can't see past their hatred for the president. (credit to Bill Whittle for the last statement - he said it best).

(4) the idea that dissent is betrayal;

If that's so, how come evil right-wing columnists find it hilarious that people actually think we're silencing those who dissent? Well, I do anyway.

(5) fear of difference, or racism;

I'm pretty sure we're all aware of how badly America treats the Asians living within it's borders, aren't we? Oh? We aren't? Hmm... Interesting.

(6) the appeal to individual or social frustration;

Well, it seems like social-revolution crowds like this are making a big impact on that too...

(7) obsession with conspiracies, along with xenophobia and nationalism;

See point 5 for starters, and also may I point out that you guys seem to be the ones obsessed with conspiracies, what with all the "THEY'RE CRUSHING MY DISSENT!!! I SAW 'EM!!" sob stories...

(8) the message that the enemy is at once too strong and too weak (note the media spin on Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein);

What about it? America may not have actually caught Hussein or bin Laden, but they have at least incapacitated them enough to be practically inoperable. How many terrorist attacks have there been on western soil since the War on Terror began? How many Iraqi children have been brutally raped, tortured and/or killed under an oppressive regime since the U.S. kicked Saddam out? Besides, most of the media is privately owned, so they can put whatever spin they like on something.

(9) the idea that pacifism is collusion with the enemy, and that life is a permanent war;

Well, as long as America has whacko's arbitrarily declaring Jihad against them for no real reason, life will be a permanent war in many ways. America has tried the non-violent route for many years (come on, Islamoids hated America long before Dubya got into office), and now it's come to blows.

(10) scorn for the weak;

That's jumping the gun a bit. I have no respect for those who make a living off welfare simply because they can't be arsed to gain independence and support themselves. Yet those who are genuinely disadvantaged, I don't mind them recieving government help to get them back on their feet. The leeches ruin it for all of us, and therefore deserve my scorn.

(11) the cult of heroism;

Wait, isn't Michael Moore regarded as a "hero" amongst the liberal-minded community?

(12) machismo, or transferring the “will to power onto sexual questions”;

You know what? I'm just going to nod and agree to that. It's a vicious stereotype... I'm just going to slaughter some innocent puppies to remind myself of my masculinity and superiority over all other living creatures...

(13) the belief that individual rights are subordinate to the unity of the state, and that fascism “has to oppose ‘rotten’ parliamentary governments”;

How is that evident in America? Your evidence please! Although the part about fascism opposing "'rotten' parliamentary governments" is true, I don't see how it's evident in America. Maybe I'm blind.

and (14) ur-fascism uses a language of propaganda.

Of course it does.

Now, to end things off, the article makes mention of something that is surprisingly ironic and makes me laugh because it's supposed to be taken seriously:

No doubt, fascism is a descriptor too carelessly thrown around.

Absolutely. Bravo!

... Wanker.

Monday, August 25, 2003


No big meaty posts from me today... I'm run off my feet with a lot of work for university, so I don't really have the time to sit down and pick things apart to any real extent, or do any longer-than-normal pieces of writing. I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully a bit more time on my hands to write cool stuff!

Random link of the day: IMAO - because Frank J. usually says funny stuff.

Value for Money 

How's this for Australian taxpayer money at work:

THE ABC stopped short tonight of broadcasting a recipe on how to make and detonate a bomb from readily-available ingredients.

Well, at least it was stopped. There's just something that doesn't sit right with me when I know that the taxpayer funded national broadcaster is airing stories about how to make bombs (the context is somewhat irrelevant, due to the fact that broadcasting bomb-making instructions is broadcasting bomb-making instructions no matter what angle any level-headed individual looks at the situation).

Oh Dear 

Whatever happened to the GIRL POWER promotion in 1996 by the Spice Girls? They're planning a reunion and the real reasons are clear:

...as a source close to them put it yesterday, they decided "a couple of reunion shows is a great way to earn a bit of fast money".

The evil, rich elite get richer! Is there any greater injustice in the world? Evidently not.


I never really comment much on sports, mainly because I don't hold much interest in most sports, but I'll indulge a little here and express my joy for Australian Formula 1 driver Mark Webber's self-proclaimed best ever drive in a grand prix, on his way to a 6th place finish, pushing him up to 9th in the world championship. Go Mark go!

For those interested, here is a brief race report.

Impulse Buying! 

I finally got around to getting the newest (although now a couple of years old) Aphex Twin double-album. I'd been putting off buying it because, although I've known since it's release, it's very much a "holy shit, that's just fucked up" kind of album. It's certainly a shining example of what I'd probably call 'creative electronica' because it's just not dance music. Like most other electronica.

Anyway, I finally got it today and it is a lot more awesome than I had ever given it credit for (despite listening to the whole thing at a friend's place once). I sometimes like to listen to music that has a tendency to make the listener think a bit about what they're actually listening to, and although some of the more prudish listeners out there may tell me "that shit isn't music," it's pushing the boundaries. Anyway, the insane electronica is broken up with very nice piano solo tracks, which sort of breaks up the frantic pace, but is nice to listen to nonetheless.

All in all, it was worth my $25. Hooray!

Okay, back to the real world...

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Bleating Fools... 

So I'm trolling my way through the Adbusters website, because I hate them, and came across this (requires Flash, but I'm sure you have that already).

You move your mouse over these rotten, evil Neoconservative figures and you get a little info box pop up. Now, most of these guys I'm not overly familiar with, so I'll leave the comments on them to others, but I will comment on what they say about media tycoon Rupert Murdoch:

Dubbed the "neocon piggybank," Murdoch owns The Weekly Standard, which prints high-brow neocon ideology for the informed insider, and Fox News, which broadcasts the low-brow version for the ignorant masses.

Oh, how nice of such a noble publication which aims to make a difference and inspire cultural revolution (i.e. bring down capitalism) to hold the very people they wish to gain support of with such searing contempt. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Why is it that the most anti-government organisations, who claim to support civil liberties and the downfall of any kind of government involvement in anything to do with the individual, hold themselves in so much of higher status than the rest of us? Sounds fairly authoritarian to me, you know. Being spoon-fed all this anti-capitalist rhetoric, big "revolutionary" organisations (like Adbusters) are out to take away our own freedom of choice and instead tell us that corporations are evil; that being proud of your country or ancestry is a bad thing; that people like me are immediately accountable for the actions of my ancestors over two centuries ago. Sounds like a form of mind control. Sounds like 1984. I can't help but get the impression that they're aiming (though not explicitly) to give us a false sense of freedom by taking away the freedom we already have and that they simply fail to recognise.

New Blog Rating 

As soon as I got my PG-13 rating about a week ago, I must have subconsciously gone out of my way to beat it. So I re-took the quiz, and as a result, my blog has a new rating! It's being proudly displayed on the right hand column.

Here is one last look at my old rating, before it fades away into obscurity:

What rating is your journal?

brought to you by Quizilla

UPDATE: I couldn't help myself. Just to remind me of my Australian-ness, I put up an MA15+ symbol underneath the American "R" classification, since most films in Australia that are MA15+ seem to be rated R in America. Not that this concerns anyone or anything. Because it doesn't.

Teething Troubles (Part III) 

Hooray! I think I've fixed that stupid problem I had with the site where the pages wouldn't load properly.

I found it here, so if Kevin Aylward ever reads this, I'm eternally in debt to him!

With any luck, I'll never have to title a post "Teething Troubles (Part IV)" ...

Friday, August 22, 2003

Capitalism vs. Communism 

Now, I'm sure many of you wouldn't really give two shits about anything I say regarding economics. And you're probably right in thinking that; it's boring as all hell. Still, if anybody is interested in my thoughts, here they are.

I originally wrote this in response to some guy claiming that communism is intended to create total equality (take according to his ability, give according to his needs - how can it go wrong in theory?), and therefore should be regarded as the highest form of civilisation, since the dog-eat-dog law-of-the-jungle competitive nature of capitalism need not be applied anymore. I explained this because I have no intentions of editing what I wrote. So here we go:

Marty's response to "Proper communism is the highest form of civilisation"

I don't consider communism to be the highest form of civilisation at all. If everybody is going to be equal on a system like that, it has to reduce everybody down to the lowest common denominator.

Just as capitalism feeds the rich and ambitious, communism spoon-feeds the poor and lazy. Do you seriously think as human beings we're going to just forget our animal instincts? A properly executed communist system may bring social freedom (since we apparently don't have that already), but it will not bring economic freedom.

A worker who works in a communist country gets paid what he's worth, and gets heavily taxed because his labour is of good quality. If he can't reap the rewards of his talents, do you think he's going to continue to be a diligent and competent employee? I don't. He'll get very pissed off that he can't keep what he rightfully earns, and see it go to the "less fortunate" who have no intentions of getting off their asses and finding employment anyway, because they're quite happy with their welfare cheques thank you very much.

He is reduced to their level. The lowest common denominator.

If the same worker is allowed economic capitalist freedom, he is going to ALWAYS be more willing to work longer, harder, faster and more efficiently because he can keep what he earns. If he works harder, longer and earns more, he can reap those rewards.

Okay, capitalism is far from perfect. I know that just as well as you do. With economic freedom comes great responsibility* for employers along with employees to observe things like proper ethics. This leads the door open to corruption, of course it does. We're all human beings. Yes, some people are assholes who take more than their fair share. Personally, I hold people who form a lifestyle freeloading off taxpayer money with no intentions of making a living for themselves in the same category I hold the corrupt CEO of a large corporation who decides to neglect his investors and give himself a nice $50 million payout because he can. This category is called "fuckwits". There are a lot of them out there. There'd be the same amount of them under a communist economic system as well. It's a human trait.

I know a capitalist economy isn't a flawless system, but I think it's advantages heavily outweigh those of a communist rule. It always will.

Here endeth the boring ramble on economic theories.

*I had to do it.

Hooray for Commies! 

Well, not quite commies. Socialists believe in a very similar economic structure, so they might as well be lousy stinking communists.

Anyway, I was surprised that so many socialist events are coming up at The University of Technology, Sydney. Stupid socialists.

I've never had anybody refute my argument against communism, which I guess I just talked myself into posting.

Those Bloody Jews! 

Apparently the Egyptians are going to sue the Jews about the Exodus (you know, that stuff that happened in biblical times). What a load.

I was going to dissect the news article itself, but I figure that since John Hawkins has already done it, I don't need to.

This kinda relates to parts of Bill Whittle's latest work, which I am not going to stop plugging due to the fact that it is awesome, and you need to read it.

Ooo... Business Deal! 

Here is a business plan that is just crazy enough to work. Or at least be worth a shot. For a simple $2 million investment, you could be raking in a $3.6 billion profit within a year. Or something. I don't know, it's been about half an hour since I actually read the article, but it is certainly very interesting for those who hold a slight interest in the future business activities of the recording industry.

Or better yet, I guess I could sell the idea more effectively if I said something like "DEFEAT THE EVIL FAT GREEDY RECORD EXECS THAT ROB ARTISTS OF INTEGRITY ONLY IN THE PERSUIT OF PROFIT!!!"... But that would be lowering my standards, and robbing me of integrity.


Yeah, they're here. Finally.

Bear in mind that the standard rules apply. Basically, don't piss me off, or I'll ban your ass. If you're going to say something, put a little thought into it first, or else I'll kindly remove your spleen. Somehow.

"I'm a-Gonna Learn Your Ass Some Responsibility!" 

Well, by which I mean "Bill Whittle" is going to learn your ass some responsibility. Or something.

The lazy man's man returns from... wherever he was hiding, and he's been considerate enough to bring with him another top-form absolutely awesome essay. Well, I'm assuming it's great. I haven't actually read it yet. The first paragraph looked all right...

Anyway, I command you to read Responsibility, as I go and do the same.

UPDATE: I've read it now, and it is just absolutely bloody amazing. I simply cannot put into words how fantastic Bill's writing is. Responsibility is a lengthy read, but I am telling you you to do it. The guy is a genius. Three cheers for Bill Whittle!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

A Short Rant About Stuff 

Today's posting has all been like "quickie" posts. Not very long, and sort of to-the-point. Normally I'd like to have at least one long, substantial post per day, but with my current rate on the Busy-O-Meter™ as it is, I don't think it's very possible. Although daily updates are a start, I guess.

Anyway, today in my 20th Century Economic History class (long name, huh?), my lecturer made note of the large numbers of migrants to Australia during the second half of the 19th century. He made a point of "Australia's newcomers largely consisting of asylum seekers," which jogged my memory to remember him being very vocal on his stance on the current Australian asylum-seeker situation (lets just say he's quite the social progressivist). Anyway, after he mentioned Australia's open arms to asylum seekers in the 1800's, I was expecting him to throw in a "John Howard is evil!™" comment in there, but, much to my surprise, he didn't.

I felt rather pleased, because he finally avoided a point that he, as a university lecturer, shouldn't be voicing his opinion on.

I have a thing against teachers voicing opinions on things during class. They're supposed to be giving an objective view on things. A lot of the lecturers I've come across this year don't throw too much opinion in there, which is great. Anyway, I don't like being lectured and tested on some guy's opinions. I'd rather be lectured and tested on what I came to learn about - the economic history of the 20th century!

Rant over.

A Rancid Mood 

I'm in a bit of a rancid mood at the moment. It's brought on from tiredness and a bit of work stress. Anyway, when I get in rancid moods, my passion for warmongering increases tenfold, and I feel that if a war of sorts (or at least a lot of people I don't like being killed) isn't a solution, then we're not looking at the situation hard enough.

I want to blow the crap out of North Korea. You know, just because it'd be cool. Sure, they may have the worlds largest standing army, and a few nuclear arms as well to back them up; but I reckon if I didn't have the stupid UN and other 'social-conscience' groups to deal with, North Korea would right now be a pile of nuclear ashes. Actually, screw nuclear weapons against North Korea. That'd be reducing myself to their level. I might just stick to the newer-style bombs the U.S. are using, like those Daisycutters. They look pretty cool, and they're about the size of a small car (and roughly as heavy). Those bunker-busters they used in the early conflicts in Iraq looked pretty cool too. I'm sure we could find an excuse to use them!

Then, in a raw display of power, North Korea is completely obliterated. Ha! I guess the time to do it would be when they have those big military marches in public. The army is there marching around, as if to say "look at me! I'm part of North Korea's kick-ass army!" So, I think Mr. Bush should just push a big red button which will send a Hercules plane overhead and drop a daisycutter on the parade.

"My finger slipped."

Just an Observation... 

Why is it always portrayed as though Israel deserved it when Palestinians blow themselves up, killing several Jews; yet it's an act of barbarianism when Israel retaliates striking known outlaw figures, not innocents, and only killing three anyway?

The whole thing is just ass backwards in my view. People think George W. Bush is a crazy madman, well I think those bloody Palestinians are so very, very crazy and mad. I agree with what Tex says, and also what they say at Little Green Footballs. Call me an evil zionist warmongering fascist hate-filled wanker all you like - it won't change me feeling any less pissed off when shit like this happens.

So Sleepy... 

It's been such a busy week. And I still feel as though I've accomplished practically nothing; and I hate that. I have so very, very much work to do over the course of the weekend that it's driving me insane. Argh! I'm going to sleep well tonight, though, which is great.

Oh yeah, and I'm still really pissed off that Blogspot won't display my page properly. I looked at it at university today, and I had to refresh something like 10 times to get the page to display properly. Argh! Curse you, Blogspot!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Why is it, just a couple of days after I proclaimed that this blog hardly ever talks about sex, that I'm here mentioning sex seemingly all the time! Oh well, in a shocking new revelation, Men are driven by sex!!!

I wonder how they managed to figure this out? I'm sure you're just as shocked to find that out as I was. And mind you, I was very shocked!

SEX will always be the dominant factor in any man's life - whether he realises it or not said the publisher of Penthouse magazine today.

Ah, a completely honest man. I suppose there has to be at least one or two out there...

"It's what motivates him to buy the car he drives, the house he lives in, and the clothes and jewellery he wears."

Why else do we care if there's plenty of room in the back of the car? Or if our house is too close to the neighbours, or has too many windows? And jewellery is kind of personal anyway. We only wear it when girls tell us to, because we want to score.

The 72-year-old told US men's magazine Details all men are basically the same, although their sex lives vary depending on they are from.

"The British are reserved, the French are arrogant, the Italians are lovers, and the Germans like to spank each other."

It kind of makes me wonder if whoever wrote this article has English for a second language, but that's beside the point. We're talking about sex here! I don't know if I l'd like to have a stereotype like that. What's the sexual stereotype for the Australian male? Is it like that ad where the girl is relaxing in the spa and out of nowhere the guy jumps and bombs into the spa, splashing water everywhere, then opening a beer? "... What?!" he says. Oh, so true. I think the Australian sexual stereotype is a bit like that - we're the kamikaze bunch!

But Guccione's expertise in libidinous matters failed to help him predict the proliferation of pornography on the internet, television and video that has caused Penthouse's circulation to drop.

The magazine filed for bankruptcy last week.

The magazine Penthouse is really drooping? No pun intended, of course. Oh well, maybe the girls were ugly. I wouldn't know, I'm not a Penthouse reader.

"Attractive women are flooding the porn market in a way that surprises even me."

... There is a belief that guys are going to pay to see ugly women? And I thought this article was supposed to be about how sex drives men, not a sob story about how Penthouse is going broke! What a gyp.

Behind Bars! 

Pauline Hanson is going to jail for three years:

Former One Nation leader Hanson was clearly shocked by the verdict, angrily declaring: "Rubbish, I'm not guilty ... it's a joke."

I wonder what it would have been like if they'd staged the court trial in Gympie, "where everybody's a redneck™"... I always consider Brisbane to be, politically, the Tasmania of Queensland. You know, you have all your freaky leftoid green-focused activists who insist that the WTO, globalisation, America and John Howard are evil. And Bob Brown is a saint, for some reason.

I have an idea, lets disown Tasmania. Stupid Tasmania.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A Word from The Lord 

Well, sort of a word from the Lord. Since I hadn't really thought about news-related posts for today (or posts for today in general), I'll just post what I sent to a friend when I was asked to write a short piece on what I'd do if I won a million bucks. Oh yeah, don't read if you favour the prolonged existence of the middle east (it's all a joke anyway, so if you're offended, grow up):

And so he rambleth...

If I won a million dollars it’d be, like, awesome. Not that it’d be my first million dollars, because, well, I can have all the dollars in the world if I want. Yes, that’s right, I’m the Creator. However you worship me, the one fact remains that I created you and your world around you, so if I were you, I wouldn’t go about displeasing me in any way soon.

Actually, I’m always worried about who will inevitably end up benefiting from the money that I win (I allowed the invention of lotteries for a reason, you know). Last time I won the lottery, it was an 18 million dollar jackpot. I injected it into a casino that I enjoyed occasionally slipping into human form and gambling at. Great job that did; it turns out the owner of the casino paid all of my 18 million dollars to a mob who he owed protection money. Oh well, I figure that given my record, I’m allowed the occasional slip up. You know, like when I let Atlantis slip into the ocean; or when I let those fucking insects hang around long enough to become inextinguishable… Stupid bloody things.

Here endeth the ramble...

So that's it. More tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2003

A New Spectator Sport! 

Haha, check this out:

[Northern] TERRITORY nudists want clothed people banned from nude beaches, saying many are perverts.

I'll get one thing out of the way first. For the sake of this post, we'll just assume that every naked body discussed on these nude beaches is attractive. Right, lets continue...

"It's a big problem because we know they are up to no good and it puts the female nudists right off - we don't like being gawked at."

What if it's just part and parcel of the Nudist Beach Code of Conduct™? I mean, who doesn't like looking at attractive nude people? Although I can see their point that they don't like being gawked at. If they were being admired, or if they were being gazed upon desirably, it'd probably be a little more acceptable. I like this next part though:

Another woman said she had seen people taking pictures with sophisticated camera equipment, including tripods and long-range telephoto lenses.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that. It's just one of those things that you accept in tv shows and cartoons, but people do this in real life?! It's a pretty funny image though, like, a small crowd of dirty old men hiding in the scrub, looking through all this complicated and expensive looking-equipment and most importantly, making weird pervy noises...

"I've seen them shooting pictures from the scrub which is just disgusting," she said.
"They should put a sign up - if you go to the nude beach, get your bloody gear off.

Yeah! Get your damn clothes off and take pictures on the beach! Hell, you might get a signed autograph or something! Or can't these perverts "control" themselves when there are nude women around? They wouldn't mind you gawking at them if you were nude yourself. Well, that's the impression that I'm getting...

Hey! You could have gawking competitions! You could stand there gawking uncontrollably at this nice, young woman (however unlikely it is for an attractive young woman to be at a nudist beach is beside the point), and she could gawk back at you! Oh wait, she's laughing at you now. Oops, bad idea. Better return to the bushes and watch from there.

"You have no business strolling through a nude beach with your clothes on - that's just being a dirty pervert and we've had enough."

It's a lack of proper respect for the rules!

"There's always going to be that element who are there for the wrong reason - why else would you go to a nude beach with your clothes on?"

You could be checking out the surf? These nudists are so self-centred! They seem to want all the attention on them, and yet when it is put on them in the form of people looking at them, they want the onlookers to turn away! Argh!

Here is the funniest thing of all:

When the Northern Territory News visited the beach yesterday, there were about 12 men walking through the pine trees fully dressed - many of them just casually moving backwards and forwards but in no apparent direction.

Am I the only one who thinks of a group of mindless animals, blank expressions on their faces, walking around just trying to act casual, as though they're "not perving on anyone, if that's what you're thinking!" Oh well. Simpsons is on now! Hooray!

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Teething Troubles (Part II) 

As mentioned previously, it is often necessary to refresh the main page twice or more in order to get the whole damn thing to load. It seems to cut itself off at the same point that the right column finishes (same goes for archives links too, by the way). Anyway, I've cluttered up the right column a bit more, but to no avail. It still cuts off, the only difference is that a bit more of this main page is showing. Ugh! Curse you, Blogspot! Curse you!

I'd get an MT blog if I had the means to...

Journal Rating 

According to Quizilla, this blog carries a PG-13 rating. Here's the extra info they gave me, that you wouldn't otherwise see:

Strongly Cautioned. Some material in your journal may be inappropriate to younger or close-minded people. This signifies that your journal is probobly inappropriate for pre-teens. people should be especially careful about adding you because they could possibly be offended. Rough or persistent violent talk is absent; sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent; some talk of drug use may be present from time to time in your journal; You may find a fair amount of sex talk here.

Okay, I don't really talk about sex that much, do I? Okay, I mentioned it once last night, and probably a few times before. Although I'm still reasonably convinced that the amount of sex-related posts ever to appear on this blog is still in the single figures.

On a side note, I'm blogging on a Sunday, which isn't ever a guaranteed thing. So don't get used to it!

Saturday, August 16, 2003

... Vanilla Essence?! 

I had to comment on what is one of the most drunk women ever to be caught driving in Australia. And it happened right in my part of Australia as well! I'm so very, very humbled.

A GOLD Coast landscape architect may be one of the most inebriated women caught driving in Australia after registering a blood alcohol concentration of .401 - more than eight times the legal limit.


...she had drank four 100ml bottles of vanilla essence, which averaged 52 per cent alcohol volume per bottle. That's the equivalent to 16 nips of tequila, rum, bourbon and other spirits which average 37.1 per cent alcohol.

I read about this in the Gold Coast Bulletin this morning, actually. The report said something about vanilla essence actually covering up the smell of alcohol, or just not making the drinker smell like alcohol. Debate will surely/has already start(ed) on whether vanilla essence should be allowed to be so easy to obtain off supermarket shelves. Well, to be honest, I'd class drinking vanilla essence in the same league as drinking methylated spirits - you have to be a serious alcoholic to do it. Another point that I've already seen made about this was that kids often flavour their milk with this stuff. When kids have this vanilla flavouring in their milk, it's only a tiny amount, like a capful. At least, when I was younger, that's all I had in it...

In other news, some town in northern Victoria is going to reek of insectoid sex this weekend. You may not know the meaning of "insectoid", but I'm guessing it's not the word you're interested in; so there's no need to pack pants!*

*Yeah, that's a butchered Futurama quote.

Teething Troubles 

The new layout, however easy it was for me to impliment, has a few troubles that are yet to be resolved. The most notable of which is the fact that not all of the page is loading first time. It'll cut off just after the right-hand column is finished, and for some reason, you need to refresh the page twice (or maybe more) in order to get the whole thing to load. Needless to say, it's really pissing me off. I'm looking into it.

A Fine Tertiary Opportunity 

I must say, I questioned my decision to study International Business at university the very instant that I found out I could move to San Fransisco and get a bachelors and/or master's humanities degree in being a whiny little bitch "social activism". Kimberly has sussed the situation fairly well, also providing this journalistic insight into the situation:

...New College [of California] has tailored this intensive, one-weekend-a-month program to the working activist.

Intensive?! And dear God, don't tell me that these budding activii will have to get out of bed and perhaps shower a whopping once per month!!! I wonder if I should let them know my university schedule...

Students will study everything from anarchist theory to the civil rights movement. The master's program has a course on globalization, the hot topic in progressive circles.

I wonder how they would go about the master's course on globalisation? I mean, globalisation isn't really a new thing; it's been in practice since the 19th century. Apparently the world isn't any better off for it, though. Oh well, I'm guessing their train of thought would be as follows:

"It was concieved by the evil money-driven corporations of Britain (and to a lesser extent, the rest of western Europe) after the industrial revolution! It was their intention all along to bring wealth, jobs and a higher quality of life to their colonies and other places! Money is eeeeevil! By the way, so is Amerikkka!! Evil! Evil! Evil!"

Oh well, I wonder if they'll learn how much against globalisation the U.S. was until after World War II? Evil, greedy conservatives rebuilt the then shattered American economy only to make themselves richer!!! ... Or something. Whatever they did, it was evil! The "professor" said so, for reasons he'll think of later!

"We're not training rabble-rousers," said Michael McAvoy, a longtime activist and New College's academic vice president. "What we want to do is give people the skills to build sustained social change movements."

... In other words, they're training "rabble-rousers".

Actually, the kind of classes they have there would also be rather interesting. You know, classes that teach students how to make goggles that are resistant to tear gas. Or how to come up with that perfect "George Bush is Hitler incarnate!" slogan. A core element should at least be a psychological one; namely "convincing yourself that the greater public are actually listening to you."

Activism is such a dangerous hobby, too. What happens to the activists out there who, well, just suck at activism? Like, for example, a club for failed activists who are, so to speak, down on their luck:

"Hi, my name is Julius "Fairywinkle" Smith, and I'm a failed activist. I was setting fire to an American flag in the Fort Worth area about six months ago to protest their impending hegemonic reign over the middle-east. Anyway, the operation was going smoothly, I even managed to get a few shouts of "it's all about the ooooooil!!!" in there, but things suddenly turned awry. See, my body odour managed to draw the flames from the flag to me, and so I was ignited. The flames then found my unshaven face, and my long dreadlocks. I wound up in hospital and couldn't move for several weeks. It was during this time that I realised something - I needed help."

Anyway, back to the subject at hand:

McAvoy concedes that "you don't need a degree to be an activist"...

What's this then?! It's now appearing like a ploy from a greedy Californian college to sucker money out of people! Paying somewhere between $5,500 and $6,000 per semester will make you a certified activist, but it's a qualification that obviously not many people would care about, if the college's vice president is openly admitting that it's a useless degree.

Say one of the saps that got one of these degrees in hating stuff because they can social activism went to find employment to help fund their activism agenda. The person interviewing them would have one look at their resumé, and they'd see the bachelor (or masters) in social activism, then there would be an extended awkward silence. The interviewer would look at this applicant as though they were some kind of looney, before letting them know where the door is.

Kimberly has the best closing to this subject:

And why do I have the feeling that the "teachings" from this program will be so completely uninformed, one-sided, and irrational - such pure mindless propaganda, in fact - that the students who study here will ultimately have less impact on the Unwashed Masses that they wish to "enlighten"?

Wholeheartedly agreed.


What's with the new site design? Well, I got bored with the old one, and with blogging in general. Er, hence the lack of posts in August.

Regarding this blog, things are going to be changing quite a bit as of now, with the main goal being for me to find enjoyment in blogging all over again. So I hope you like the new layout and whatnot. Not that I care if you don't, sucker. Heh heh heh.